Spray Tanning: The Safe Alternative

Why you should Spray Tan

So you have a big trip planned, a vacation which will include a trip to the beach with all of your friends. You suddenly realize the long winter hibernation has left your skin tone with a lack of color, leaving you feeling pale. Maybe it is not warm enough yet for outside tanning, and you don’t have enough time to go hit the tanning beds before the big trip. You know you’re in a bind.

Almost everyone loves the way they feel when they have a bit of bronze to their skin. However, not everyone likes the risk associated with too much exposure to either the sun, or the harmful UV rays that tanning beds or the sun produce.

Too much time in the sun or in tanning beds can result in mild to serious side effects. Some of those effects include sunburns, skin defects, increased or advanced aging inskin, or skin cancer.

So, how do you tan your skin for that perfect bronzing in the middle of the winter without over exposure to tanning beds? Spray tanning provides a safe alternative to dangerous UV rays. Round Rock spray tan provides a way for you to look great, feel great, and have the confidence that you are protecting your beautiful skin.

When you spray tan Round Rock you not only elect a healthier option for the long term care of your skin, but you also give your skin healthy nutrients and vitamins your skin craves. Spray tan has multiple varieties that often include coconut oils, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and other healthy oils.

A few other benefits of Round Rock spray tan are that you have the option to pick how much bronzing you would like. You can elect a light to medium to dark tan. Also, because it is a spray tan the spray goes on seamlessly with no visible tan lines normally associated with sun tanning or tanning beds. With no tan lines and the perfect tint of bronzing you will look your best which means you will also feel your best.

Spray tan allows you to keep that healthy glow going all year round. You also get the perfect tan you want in as little as 15 minutes so then you can get back to planning that trip and what swimsuit to wear to the beach.

With Round Rock spray tan you don’t have to pay top dollar to get your spray tan on. There are many options and packages that will not only keep you coming back for more, but also not empty your bank account. With spray tanning you will keep your skin looking youthful, healthy and avoid the potential dangers of too much UV exposure.