How Often One Should Replace Their Toothbrush

The Average Replacement

Toothbrush replacement is not typically considered to be the most interesting topic in the world. This is an important topic that ought to be brought up and it should be known. There are some general toothbrush guidelines that really ought to be followed. The west chase dentist and many other professionals will claim that your toothbrush should be replaced approximately every three months at the most. Believe it or not, your toothbrush does obtain wear and tear during a span of a three month period. In order for your toothbrush to be effective, you should consider replacing it after a three month period of time. This is the average amount of time for toothbrush use. If you are interested in removing all plaque from your teeth, you will want to consider the small replacement investment. If you take the time to replace your toothbrush in this time frame, you will be pleased with the results. Good oral care will lead to healthier teeth. A fresh and clean toothbrush will offer you a bright and beautiful smile.

Good Toothbrush Care

Your toothbrush does need to have decent care during the three month use. When your toothbrush is not cared for properly, it can lead to the following negative results for you and your family:

  • more cold and viruses
  • it can be a breeding ground for germs and fungus
  • bacterial levels will increase

The toothbrush that is not properly cared for will be a breeding ground for many germs. This can be prevented with good toothbrush care. During the three month period, prior to replacing your toothbrush, you should ensure that you let it dry after each use. After using it, you can simply shake it under running water to clean it out. A vigorous shake under running water will reduce the amount of germs that may accumulate. When you store it, ensure that it is in an upright position. This will keep it airing out when it is not in use. Your toothbrush will be very effective for the three month period of time.

Something to Think About

Your toothbrush is an important aspect of your overall oral health. Many people have not given too much thought to their toothbrush care and replacement. Using a clean and sanitary toothbrush will greatly enhance your overall oral care. You would not consider using unsanitary dental floss in your teeth. Changing your toothbrush every three months will leave you with healthier oral hygiene.